Miami Beach – A Fun New Lifestyle

Miami Beach is know for its glitz and its glam.  Its sexy Spanish influences and non-stop party atmosphere.  But there is a lot more to Miami beach than just sexy women, wealthy men and night clubs.  More and more people are moving to Miami Beach to start a new chapter in their lives and live a much better lifestyle.

miami-beachThe beach is the best part of Miami.  Could you imagine waking up to see this everyday? I would love to!  The water is so beautiful, the buildings so cool and the sky looks amazing.  Will Smith was right about Miami.

Cost of living in Miami Beach is lower than many areas of the United States including New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and California.  Many young people are able to rent beautiful new apartments with great amenities for less than they would back where they were originally raised. Midtown Miami has some of those great apartments.

Lots of restaurants = lots of service industry jobs.  Many people can live a more casual lifestyle while working a flexible service industry job.  Working as a bartender or server allows people to make lots of money in short periods of time.  Thus they can spend more time enjoying themselves.

Just beware of global warming, scientists are predicting that rising water levels will pose a serious threat to Miami Beach in the future.  Hey – at least Venice Italy has to go first!

I can’t wait to move to Miami – how about you?!  Once again, Will Smith:


Welcome To Index Files!

Hello all and welcome to Index Files!

Index Files will be a general-purpose blog with the intent of bringing new an interesting stories to our readers.  Please check back on a regular basis as we plan on updating regularly.

Need to go?  Don’t!

For instance – here is a picture of a toilet chair!  Very comfortable indeed.  This chair is ideal for anyone so lazy that they would rather not even leave their position to use the bathroom.

One question – where do they keep the toilet paper?  Looks like a modern version of the potty chair.

There is no set topic for the Index Files.  Don’t be surprised by what you will see and will not see.