Mr. Money Mustache

Found a great site the other day – it is called Mr. Money Mustache.  The website is about a man who retired early.  He did this by saving his money and living a life much more simple than many other people.

dd6821fade3d86b90bc411b4d9a8c144_400x400By not giving into temptations or hedonistic adaption, MMM was able to live the same lifestyle he did in his early 20’s without sacrificing happiness or the joys of his own life.  Take some time and read some of his blog posts.  They are very interesting.  And even if you don’t agree 100% with his lifestyle you can learn a lot from what he writes.

There are also many helpful and interesting people who post on the forums.  One particular forum that I find very interesting is the gardening related posts.  People talk about growing their own produce! People even talk about growing their own produce inside.  When growing inside it is important to use the best LED grow lights – otherwise you could be losing out!

Make sure you enjoy the forums and have a good day!