Thai Basil Spice

Thai Basil is one of the greatest herbs ever.  It is used in a lot of Thai and southeast Asian cooking.  It goes very well also with curry.  Many Asian restaurants in the US will use Thai Basil in their cooking.

Thai_Basil_0It is very simple to grow thai basil at home.  All you need is some dirt, seeds, water and of course some t5 grow lights.  These lights will help nourish the plant while it is growing. It is important to make sure that the plants get plenty of light from the led grow lights. It is also important that you water the plants every day. Plants need water to survive.  Follow these instructions and you are bound to have beautiful, lush thai basil growing in no time. You can share it with all of your friends and impress them with both your gardening skills but also your cooking skills.  You’re basically a ninja at this point. They will all love you and you will be the most popular person around.  Great job – you should be proud!

After you have impressed your friends you may want to show them around your house. This is important as they will get a chance to see your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It is important that they see your growing area so they know you grey the thai basil yourself.  They will probably ask you”Hey, you, cool guy. What are the best led grow lights available?”  When they say this you will be even cooler.  You should respond by saying “A magician never reveals his tricks” and walk out the door.

Total bass-ass.  Just like this guy:


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