Your Bread Game is Strong My Friend

Do you like bread?  I do.  Do you eat bread?  I also do.  I found a funny subculture on Reddit today called Breadit.  And you guessed it – it is all about bread.  Please find some of my bread findings below:

It’s not very pretty but I’ve finally perfected the taste

A couple loaves from last Sunday

First Sourdough From my Own Starter

All Things Breadit

This is an amazing subculture.  Only with today’s technology can people with such randoms common interests discuss with each other on a daily basis.  Just 30 years ago these people would need to wait for a monthly meeting to discuss all things bread.  Even worse is that before that they could live their entire lives and never meet anyone interested in bread as much as they are!

1440657927273We should be ever so thankful for the technology that we have in our lives today.  It is a wonderful thing.  Maybe we should all try to make some bread to celebrate our advances in technology.  Or just make a sandwich.  Yum.

Everyone loves sandwiches.  And without bread sandwiches would really suck.  Especially the best sandwich ever – which is the hamburger.  Did you know that just a few weeks ago they officially announced that the hamburger was invented in Connecticut?  Yes – read this article here about Loui’s Lunch – who invented the hamburger.  very impressive!

I think I may go for lunch there today – or tomorrow.  I am in Miami right now so it probably won’t happen today.  But I can go to shake shack for a hamburger – that would be super good.  Thank you!


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