Brunch! It’s Whats For Dinner

Brunch is an amazing thing.  Once a meal reserved for old timers after church it is now a weekend staple that any self respecting person must partake in.  You have famous New York City bottomless brunches, sexy Miami Beach brunch buffets and weird California vegan brunch(yuck!).

brunch1.jpgWhen did this brunch phenomenon catch on?  Sometime in the last 5 years is for sure.  Why do young people like it so much?  Because it wasn’t a cool thing to do!  Now they can go to brunch and show all of their friends how cool they are on the instagram.

Bottomless brunches are the most popular where people can pay a fixed rate and drink all day – usually this means bellinis, mimosas, bloody marys and champagne.  Combine all of this with eggs benedict and you’ve got a disaster waiting to happen.

Most brunches end with a wasted white girl throwing up on the floor – no one wants to see that eggs benedict again.  It happens – but we must carry on fellow weekend warriors!

Now even saturday brunch is becoming a thing.  Now you can brunch two days a week at many local eateries.  Your best bet is probably to enjoy Saturday morning with friends, have a nap then hit up the bars Saturday night after you’re fully rested.

As for Grandma and Grandpa – this isn’t a meal for you anymore.  Stick with church and a light lunch after.  You can’t hang.


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